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1969 Memphis Country Blues Festival Doc & 1968 Album

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They have a video , so far as I've read that they've been trying to get out here since 2017 or earlier and will premiere in the 2019 Slamdance Film Festival. Hope it makes it to video, dvd as I believe there will be footage of JoAnn Kelly, Rev Wilkins and Fred McDowell...

And here is the promo for the film...with info

In addition here is what they say is the 1968 festival selections album with Nathan Beauregard, Bukka White, Furry Lewis, Rev Wilkins and Joe Callicott

Here's the newly released document on YouTube:

And a Rolling Stone article:



Edit: oops, missed Harriet's other post.

Thanks Pan, I couldn't find the original post so am glad they were merged. 

I was disappointed in how short the McDowell clip was, but it was a total thrill to see Robert Wilkins, Nathan Beauregard and Jo Ann Kelly whom I had never seen before.


Prof Scratchy:
Those were the outstanding performances for me too, harriet. And Booker White and Piano Red.

Piano Red  playing and singing in A sounds like Henry Townsend!


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