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Close observers of the juke will have noticed that lately we've been subjected to a couple of different forms of spam.

1. Dedications. Somebody out there was, after making a successful request, including at first just irritating adverts for various products, and latterly pasting lengthy meaningless text blocks into their dedications. This was clearly human spam.

2. Some few random songs were getting requested multiple times per hour by people not connected with the site. This was clearly originating from automated spambots and was screwing-up the weekly- and monthly top 10's

Reeeeegretfully, due to this abuse, we've had to lock-down the request and dedication features of the juke. To make a request, and then dedicate it, you must be a logged-in weenie. So this will not affect 99.9% of juke users, who are usually logged-in members.

Juke users who are members but not logged-in, just log in before requesting and all will work as before.

Legitimate juke users who are not yet registered on the forum, you will have to register and log-in before placing requests and dedications.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

I should also mention that during the clean-up I accidentally removed all the request history since October 16 2012 when the request spam started, doh! So this week's top 10 requests got blown away.

This was a mistake on my part, but it represents an opportunity on your part. Now would be the perfect time to place juke requests and get your songs heard on the weekly top 10 shows on Monday.  :P

Cool, we got one already, good choice,

1. (1) Jacksonville -- Part 1 by Walter Davis


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