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Added Today

2016 tracks to date.

Here are a few changes and additions recently made to Weenie Juke:

Our regular playlist rotation is now 'weighted'.  Pre-War Country Blues=heavy rotation (70 on a scale of 100), Post War Country Blues=medium rotation (50 on a scale of 100) and Revivalist=light rotation (30 on a scale of 100).  The Rotation and Request Policy has been updated to reflect this change.

[*]A couple of one hour slots of Post War Country Blues have been added on Monday's
[*]A couple of one hour slots of Rare and Un-reissued Post War Country Blues have been added on Tuesday's  (We hope to expand the selection in this area in the future and it currently consists of the albums in the Juke Teaser topic.)
[*]A couple of one hour slots of Classic Country Blues have been added on Thursdays and Sundays.  Classic Country Blues, hand picked by WeenieCampbell forum members!
[*]Weenie Hour now consists of Richards three radio shows rotated on a weekly basis.

Changes are now reflected on the Playlist Schedule page.


An additional change:

Much improved Playlist Search function.  You can now search by Title, Artist or Album.  If more than one key word is entered in the search box, the boolean operator used is AND instead of OR - which should return a narrower, more accurate listing.


Greetings All

I've added a Juke Server Staus menu option to the Juke Page.? This will give us the status of the two relay servers we use to broadcast Weenie Juke Radio.? Among the 'more than we need to know' information listed:

[*]How many listeners on each server and the peak listening number
[*]What countries they are listening from? 8)
[*]What software they are using to listen with
[*]How many Juke Page hits, how many stream hits, average listening time (told you... but you just cannot have too much fun)

Here is a reference for the Country Codes:

Lesse, a few minutes ago we had: the US (of course), Italy, Thailand, Great Britain, Australia and Finland? ?:D


Made some modifications to the Juke Server Status page.

It now opens in it's own browser window and the window is refreshed very minute.
Added Country flags next to the Host address
If you do not recognize the Flag or the Country Code, place your mouse pointer over the Host Address and the Country will be displayed.



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