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uncle bud:
The grapevine tells us that Henrietta Yurchenco has an Internet radio show at

Yurchenco produced Leadbelly's radio shows in the 1940s and the latest show is a rebroadcast of one of Leadbelly's shows, this one with Woody Guthrie as a guest. The downhomeradioshows are downloadable as mp3s at the above URL. They can also be heard as a stream at

I hadn't heard one of Leadbelly's radio broadcasts before. Fun to hear the announcer say, "If you'd like the words to this song, just write to Leadbelly and we'll send them to you." The focus of this show is on ballads.

The show is framed by an interesting conversation with Yurchenco about those old days, her friendship with Leadbelly, Woody etc.

Thanks for the tip, Uncle Bud!

It looks like they also have some interesting shows in their archives.


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