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The John and Ruby Lomax 1939 Southern States Recording Trip


...another intersting listening site (part of the Library of Congress) with on demand MP3s

Bunker Hill:
Great stuff. Amazing what there is out there if one knows where to look.
This prompted me to take from the shelves Nolan Porterfield's stupendous biography of John Lomax. Inside I found a clipping of the review Blues & Rhythm published which in itself is highly well observed and objectively written.This I've scanned and posted in the reviews. If this book is still in print imho it's well worth the investment.

Trust the posting of the review is in order if not then maybe a moderator will take the appropriate action.


Thank you very much, for pointing this out, Slack



Interesting tidbit for you: UT Austin library has a large John Lomax collection, along with Glen Alyn's (I say Me For A Parable author) Mance Lipscombe collection. These include audio interviews, music and photographs. Cheryl's been making inquiries re access but apparently there's so much of it I dunno how we'd have time to go through it, understand what's there and perhaps request something be released for the site.

Initial inquiries were met with some enthusiasm by the custodians, who say they will assign someone to help us go through the Mance material. The Lomax collection requires family approval. Now if I can just get this other project finished and find some spare time...


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