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Piedmont Blues on Folkways TV program

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Wow - looks like nearly the whole Folkways series is up there, though "The Guitar" seems to be missing. I watched "The Banjo" a few days ago on TV and while it isn't blues exactly, it was a good show. Even "Workers In wood" which I also watched a while back features a short bit of finger picking.

This thread now points at an hour of Piedmont Blues video.

thanks for the heads up and the link. i love etta baker. she's so cool and such a great player.

Needless-to-say, I have already missed this date. It would be great if there was a tv guide specifically for the "Blues" programming. Often, it is either a local network only or it isn't aired like the TV guides say.

Both shows are available over the web. I just watched the Folkways one the other night on the DVR. Etta Baker makes it look so effortless. The other player made it look like a lot more work and didn't sound as polished. I like the Folkways program better than the other one (more music) but they are both worth watching.


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