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uncle bud:
Mr. Ka'apana even throws in some Furry Lewis stunt-playing.  :D

Viewing these on iOS/iPad mini viaTapatalk is fine. Via Safari or Chrome on same device I get exactly what Harriet describes.

Harriet, were you previously able to see the embedded youtube video, not just the links?

I'm afraid just checked on the ipad because of this thread, I've always visited using a desktop either pc or mac. and everything shows up fine in chrome, firefox,explorer on the pc  and Safari, Chrome on the mac.

FWIW: Several years back I was at a friend's place in Indiana and he started having problems watching some Youtube  videos on IE --nothing showed up--just a blank screen. They would play on Firefox, but not on IE. We went to school (Purdue) and I asked the tech support guys about it. They said that it often happens when YT tweaks something and Adobe has yet to catch up with a release of Flash  Player, etc.  (--In the PC world.) They went on to say that the various browsers and operating systems have to be up to date and Flash--or the equivalent in the Apple world--have to be up to date as well. --And sometimes Flash has to be updated within each browser--doing it in FF won't necessarily solve the problem in IE or Chrome. So the first step is to check that everything is up to date. Another problem is that other installed programs running in background can interfere. It can really be a headache to  sort all  of this stuff out.

Led usually makes it out here a couple of times a year, sometimes with Mike Kaawa. Great players, both of them--real showmen.

With browsers on ios Steve Jobs decided not to make his ios system devices compatible with flash - I saw his video on it, he said he thought it was too slow.

Tapatalk I assume has some scripting in it that the developers keep up to date as do some forum software, proboards and Yuku seem to. 

Glad to know there is something like tapatalk or Photon if I decide to view weeniecampbell on ios.



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