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Contrasting background for quotes


Hey rivers, or any other moderator/programmer,

I noticed that when I posted quotes in the Mississippi Sheiks Lyric topic that the quote always has a light background. This works great if the background of the post is dark, but if the background of the post is light also there is no contrast and, given that I am posting Frankie's original transcription, and my update, it is confusing. Is it possible to tweak this so that the quote always has a contrasting background? If not, I'll probably have to occasionally put in a filler post so that the new Lyric post has a dark background.

Thanks much,

I'll take a look, that would be cool flip-flopping the quote box colors like that to contrast with the current post's background. I remember looking at the code that alternates the colors for the posts (such a nerd am I) and believe it should be possible. I'll investigate. Maybe there's an existing mod that adds that effect, we should look there first before modding it ourselves, makes forum upgrades much smoother. Interesting.


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