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Weenie Juke Radio to Close at the End of February

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Dear Weenies, Friends and other Dignitaries,

I regret to inform you that Weenie Juke Radio will be closing down at the end of this month.  Weenie Juke has been 'on the wire' (mostly) for almost 10 years.   Our current licensing entity, Loud City announced earlier this month that they were shutting down by the end of the month.  While Loud City has also announced that they are trying to negotiate for someone to continue the operation, I've decided to take this opportunity, regardless of the negotiated outcome, to close the Juke. 

Many factors weigh in this decision.  The various licensing entities and the creation of the DCMA make it difficult for hobbyist radio operators to follow the many, rules.  These rules are really aimed at the large operators and in large part take the fun out of it for the small operator.   

While we have some intense interest in Weenie Juke from a few of our die hard fans, in general, there is not much listening traffic on Weenie Juke.  I think this is due to a large number of sources where old country blues can either be obtained or listened to.  I'm continually amazed at the number of country blues tunes on youtube for example.  Pandora, Spotify and other custom stations now carry country blues. 

We do plan on "moth balling" the Juke in the event that circumstances change (as we did previously for about a year, while waiting for the licensing situation to shake out) and the Juke will be passed on to whomever or whatever (if anyone) may want to continue the site when the Steering Committee has grown too old and grouchy. 

The Juke has been fun - many people have supported and contributed to the Juke in many ways, but I'd like to especially thank Rivers for his technical work on the great set of Juke web pages and of course Richard, who was the delightful and humorous voice of Weenie Juke.  Sad as it may be, let's all raise our glasses and bid a fond farewell!

Thank you all for your understanding!

Slack and the Steering Committee.

Prof Scratchy:
Weenie Juke has been a great resource and it will be sad to see it go. That said, if the regulators make it impossible to be fun for those that run it, I can thoroughly understand the decision to pull it. Thanks for making it available for the number of years it's been online.

Norfolk Slim:
Very sad- I echo Scratchy's sentiments.

How about a montage of Richard's best  / most absurd announcments? ;)

Too bad, sorry to see it go. The Juke was a great resource to hear songs that I did not have a copy of several years ago. But yes, there is so much country blues content online now.

Damn - four days to listen to everything I don't know ....  :(


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