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Author Topic: Eleanor Ellis CD Release Concert, Bethesda MD, Friday Nov. 9  (Read 1491 times)

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Offline waxwing

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Eleanor Ellis CD Release Concert, Bethesda MD, Friday Nov. 9
« on: November 06, 2007, 08:31:06 PM »
Responding to a thread about Take me Back, or Try Me One More Time, over on IGS, I did a search for a link to Eleanor's CD and discovered she is having a CD Release Concert in Bethesda MD this Friday. Hot line-up with many Port Townsend Faculty with her on the band stand.

Here's a link to the concert notice where you can also find links to her CD, liner notes, etc.

For those who didn't meet Eleanor at PT this summer, she is a soulful picker and singer who really lights up a stage. She came by the Weenie House a few times and she is a hoot and a real honest performer, too. A great picker with a voice from her native Louisiana that really grabs you.

Anyone in the DC area who doesn't already know Eleanor should try to make it to this concert. Eleanor has the blues deep in her bones.

All for now.
John C.
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Offline uncle bud

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Re: Eleanor Ellis CD Release Concert, Bethesda MD, Friday Nov. 9
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2007, 08:41:41 PM »
I really enjoyed meeting Eleanor and hearing her play this year at PT. I'm looking forward to the CD. A nice tracklist, for sure, and some great guests:

Eleanor Ellis ? vocal and guitar on all songs
1. Take Me Back Baby ? Mississippi John Hurt/Archie Edwards/arr. Ellis
2. Diving Duck ? Sleepy John Estes
     Michael Baytop, harmonica, Richard ?Mr. Bones? Thomas, bones
3. Cypress Grove ? Skip James
4. 61 Highway ? Traditional, arranged Ellis
     Judy Luis-Watson, piano, Michael Baytop, harmonica, Thomas Cox, bass
5. Wonder Where My Easy Rider?s Gone ? Mance Lipscomb
6. Big Road Blues ? Tommy Johnson
     Jay Summerour, harmonica
7. In My Girlish Days ? Memphis Minnie
     Judy Luis-Watson, piano, Jay Summerour, harmonica
8. The Panic is On ? Hezekiah Jenkins
     Neil Harpe, guitar and vocal
9. Sun?s Gonna Shine One Day (composed by Flora Molton)
     Phil Wiggins, harmonica
10. Texas Easy Street Blues ? Henry Thomas
11. Leavin? Trunk ? Sleepy John Estes
     Michael Baytop, harmonica and bones
12. Me and My Chauffeur ? Memphis Minnie
     Neil Harpe, guitar
13. Kansas City ? Jim Jackson
14. Goin? Away Blues ? Lottie Kimbrough
     Joel Bailes, piano, Pearl Bailes, harmonica, Thomas Cox, bass
15. Special Rider ? Skip James
16. Richmond Blues ? Julius Daniels, Blind Boy Fuller, Bull City Red
     Jay Summerour, harmonica
17. Mississippi Blues ? Willie Brown
     Neil Harpe, guitar
18. What?s the Matter With the Mill ? Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe
     Neil Harpe, guitar and vocal

Offline Rivers

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Re: Eleanor Ellis CD Release Concert, Bethesda MD, Friday Nov. 9
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2007, 08:47:01 PM »
Amen to what Wax and Andrew said. I really liked Eleanor and wished I'd had the opportunity to spend more time with her. The one time we were in the same orbit she spent it listening to what Wax, Andrew, Miller and I were doing in "Wax's Tiki Bar and Grill", i.e. upstairs at the weenie house.

At one point I tried to give her a guitar, having been blown away by her playing at the introductory night, but she was happy just listening to us. That's one very cool person. Or maybe she has no taste...
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Offline Bunker Hill

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Re: Eleanor Ellis CD Release Concert, Bethesda MD, Friday Nov. 9
« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2007, 11:28:04 AM »
At a slight tangent I saw her perform at London's 100 Club in 1987 where she was "warm-up" for the amazing Flora Molton. The audience was small (probably no more than 30 and I knew them all), knowledgeable and appreciative. A very intimate gathering around the front of the low stage with the artists in touching distance of their audience.  I wonder if Eleanor Ellis remembers this gig?

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