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Blues Vintage:
Does he still have the 25k reward if you bring him the missing Willie Browns? Not that I have them.


--- Quote from: CF on October 20, 2021, 05:39:14 AM ---John T is saying that vol 20 will be the last calendar/CD release.

He will then publish a book of blues ads and will then focus on single artist/themed CDs. 

--- End quote ---

Then there will also be a 2023 calendar? The great thing with these calendars in addition to the classic images and wonderful music is also the unreleased songs that are on each release.

For Europe folks it will be available here.

and here.

Hi all,
As far as i"m concerned, the previously unreleased songs, like several Blake titles in recent years, and titles by Jaydee Short and William Harris, have been the only reason to get the calendars. Too many of the titles have been and continue to be copies of songs that have long been available in perfectly fine and listenable versions, for me to be able to justify springing for the cost of the calendar every year. I'd be happier with less frequent releases devoted exclusively to new finds. I'm probably in the minority in feeling this way--most people (at least, around here) seem happy and excited about the calendar every year.
All best,

Blues Vintage:
Well, it's pretty cool to frame the artwork;

Nathan James - Acoustic Friday!


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