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EuroWeenie - one event???


Hello boys and girls   :)

For some strange reason I seem to be having EuroWeenie withdrawal symptoms despite saying I'd had enough of organising the infamous weekend bash!

So, what say we try and put on a one day thing somewhere that would not involve booking hotels around July, August, Sept?

We'd need to find a suitable venue with a decent eatery nearby, so as a first suggestion say either side the M4 central-ish, sort of Swindon way or somewhere prettier?

If you think this stands a chance then let's hear from you with some polite suggestions....   :-X


Prof Scratchy:
I certainly miss seeing everyone too, but for me it?s too far to travel  from Scotland for a single day event.

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Norfolk Slim:
I would turn out for something.  Will have to think more about what, how and where. ..

I?m in.

Okeh, well that's three of us and a start and few others decide to sign up we come to the tricky bit, where  ???


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