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Rey, James, Thompson at Dusty Strings

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A heads-up for Seattle area Weenies, concert on February 3:


(I really need to get some new glasses. I first read the title of your post as "Rev. James Thompson at Dusty Strings")

Suzy T:
Yeah, me too!!  Maybe that would be a good name for our trio!  Really looking forward to playing with Del Rey and Steve James at Dusty Strings, that's on Sat. Feb. 3.  Our show actually sold out last year, so probably best to buy tickets in advance.

Del and I will be playing at Abbie Weisenbloom's house concert in Portland on Fri. FEb. 2, and we'll be at the YWCA in Bellingham on Sun. Feb. 4 (I think that is an afternoon show.

Always a great pleasure to make music with Del Rey and Steve James!


--- Quote from: Suzy T on December 09, 2017, 09:41:52 PM ---Yeah, me too!!  Maybe that would be a good name for our trio

--- End quote ---

My thoughts exactly! Not sure the heavily gospel crowd would fully appreciate the repertoire though...

If it's anything like their show last year, it's not to be missed.


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