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Author Topic: Jug Rack  (Read 4476 times)

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Re: Jug Rack
« Reply #15 on: August 25, 2006, 07:38:04 PM »
I've been getting email and PMs requesting more detailed instructions on how to make this rack and what modifications I made for the second prototype. Rather than give the info out privately I thought I'd post it here. It's really not that different from the first except that I did it with one long wire and only had two ends, one of which I let hang out. You know, I don't think pics of the new one are gonna help you much if you can't get the idea and extrapolate from the first pics. And I'm just too busy right now with work and SF Jug Fest/House Concert and recording a CD, etc., etc., to take pics and post them.

I'll try to explain again. You already have the idea of the tension wire for chain link fencing from Home Depot. You need to straighten out a pretty long piece. Then, start at one end and measure up, maybe, 20 inches (your dimensions may vary depending on your size and where you want the jug). At that point bend the wire back 180 degrees on itself. Use pliers or clamps, a pipe, whatever. It's not easy, but you can do it. Now measure from the bend another, say, 25 inches and make another 180 degree bend straight back. This time measure, maybe, 32 inches (this will be the long loop that goes over your shoulder) another 180 bend, 32 inches, 180 bend, 25 inches, 180 bend, 20 inches and either cut it off here or let the tail hang a little long say 10 inches or so. You should end up with two bends and maybe a tail on one side and three bends, one of which is longer, on the other side. Put the end with the three loops, which will anchor to your body, in a bench vise so that the place where they come out of the vice is the beginning of the stalk and what is held flat in the vice, and anything sticking out below will be the right length to loop over your shoulder and across your chest. Then, clamp the other end so you just have a good grasp, maybe an inch or so, of the short end, with a "Jorgy" hand screw clamp, as big as you can get (I have a 14 inch one but that's unusual). The two clamps should be parallel. Now twist the clamp a few turns and you will create a stiff stalk between the two ends. All that is left is to fashion one end to fit the jug and the other to fit your body and get the jug where you want it. You're on your own with that. I added a strut, another piece of the wire, just wrapped around the top of the stalk at one end and around the loop where it goes over my shoulder at the other end. This makes a triangle and really stabilizes things. You can figure out how to tie it to yourself so that it doesn't move around too much.

As you saw in the original pictures, this is for playing the jug off the corner of my mouth, so to speak, where I happen to get a good buzz with my lips. However, I have started learning to play straight away with my tongue between my lips, getting a much louder buzz so I'm probably gonna have to modify the whole idea and make something different to hold the jug out front.

To the fellow who claims he can't figure out how to post but can figure out how to send a personal message: Go to the bottom of the page, type your message in the white box and click on the button that says Post. Then listen to Bo Carter's Double In A Knot and change your username appropriately.-G-

All for now.
John C.
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Re: Jug Rack
« Reply #16 on: August 28, 2006, 08:51:49 AM »
Thought I'd offer up my Jug Rig for consideration.  Using 2 part epoxy, I glue a 3/8" floor flange to the bottom of an old crock jug.  It then screws onto a standard mic stand.  After a couple years, the threads on the mic stand can't hold a mic, but the jug stays on fine.  I use a quick release stand so I can get it out of the way when I don't need it.  When I need it, I just raise it up, lean over and whomp it.  Much better than my previous method of just sitting the jug on the top of the guitar.


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