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Up Dated November 29, 2022, a message from Roger Hubbard.

Hi People

 Iím happy to announce that Joe Snellingís documentary on me is now freely available on YouTube

Hope you enjoy it!

Update July 19, 2022:The Password for Viewing is not currently available due to Lucky Day Films making Summer Film Festival Presentations and temporarily suspending online public viewing.

Here's the link for the Roger Hubbard Documentary "HOME LOVIN' MAN: The Story of Roger Hubbard", who was a Blue Goose Recording Artist in the early 1970's from the U.K. 
Roger was one of the great younger blues artists chosen by Nick Pearls to record on his Blue Goose Label to compliment his Yazoo records of reissue County Blues 78 rpms.
He continues to write, record & perform his music on a part-time basis & became an expert of furniture repair & restoration.  However, he did not achieve a wider recognition that his musical talents deserved and this documentary tells his story. Several of the songs are from his only Blue Goose Record "Brighton Belle Blues" that was released on vinyl in 1971 & on Cd in 2006.

Steve W:
Very interesting.  Great playing.  Thanks for finding this and posting it.

Parlor Picker:
Roger has been a friend of mine for decades and lives locally. The film has some interesting bits - mostly familiar to me. Sadly, his time with the consummate trio, Buick 6, is not included in the film.

Thanks for posting the video, really enjoyed it.

Thanks, very interesting to see this piece of blues history. Hope Mr. Hubbard will get some recognition for his great playing.

Here is the Blue Goose discography:


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