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Hey gang, finally decided to start a YouTube channel if any of yall want to check it out. Im gonna keep making more videos but I got a few up of me and the lady playing tunes. Let me know what yall think. Im not gonna try to be a perfectionist about it its just for fun but I think there are some good moments. Any way let me know what you think. I figure Ive gotten a lot of inspiration from the weenie community and Ivedecided to try to give some back. Cheers!

Prof Scratchy:
The combination of National and cello is a winner!

Thanks I like the combo too. She uses a bass bow to get a little extra womp in there. Pretty fun stuff though been having fun learning these raggy jazz tunes.

Hi crustypicker,
I enjoyed the performances you posted, and agree with Prof Scratchy that you and the cellist really sound good together. You have a nice feel and energy for the material you've selected--it really suits you. Well done! By the way, if you're looking for more material on which the cello would really suit, seek out Leecan & Cooksey's recording of "Shortnin' Bread"--it's die-happy stuff.
All best,

Great stuff! My long suffering partner and I have been whiling away the lockdown playing cello/mandolin: Bessie Smith, Miss. Sheiks, Charlie Poole, Al Miller, et. al. Although her approach is more Jug than cello we've been looking around similar musical corners. Looking forward to more....


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