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Cocaine & Rhinestones


This is a great podcast on the history of country music.  Created by Tyler Mahan Coe.

“Cocaine & Rhinestones” Returns, to Dazzle Again
In its second season, the one-man show argues that the story of George Jones is the story of country music itself.

Coe, whose father is the outlaw-country star David Allan Coe, grew up among musicians, often on the road with his father’s band. “I’ve heard these stories my whole life,” he says in the intro. “As far as I can tell, here’s the truth about this one.” After the podcast débuted, in 2017, Coe told me that he’d created it partly because he wanted to hear one like it and it didn’t exist.

David Kaatz:
There was a big article in the Washington Post about this podcast too, a couple weeks ago, which made me aware of it.
I second the recommendation, I really enjoy it, Tyler is smart, does his research, explains his conclusions/opinions, lists his sources at the end.

I'm about 2/3 through his first season.

Thanks for the heads up on the WaPo article.... I subscribe but missed it!  I'm re-listening to the last few episodes of season 1 before embarking on season 2.


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