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--- Quote ---Does it say in the book where the picture above from Big Bill Blues with Knowling, Merline Johnson and Lester Melrose was taken? I'd not seen a pic of Melrose before either so far as I remember.
--- End quote ---

No, no mention of when or where the picture was taken.  But there's another picture of Melrose, this time with Tampa Red, on the facing page of the same book (Big Bill Blues).  So there are at least 2 in existence.

Bricktown Bob:
Recorded quite a lot with Memphis Minnie in 1946-47.  As did Blind John Davis and Judge Riley.  How's that for a rhythm section?

Stefan Wirz:
Jim O'Neal just informed me that Ransom Knowling wasn't born in New Orleans (as all existing internet sources, including Wikipedia, claim --- and me I parroted in my "Blues sidepersons" page at, but in Vicksburg, Mississippi - Just sayin'

Blues Vintage:
While researching Ransom Knowling (his name pops up everywhere) when I transcribed Big Maceo and Tampa Red songs I found some beautiful photos.
Here with Little Brother Montgomery, Big Joe Williams, Art Hodes and others.

Chicago Historic Museum (Ransom Knowling)


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