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The voice of the Weenie Juke returns

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Good to have you back Richard..... I enjoyed the first show - thanks

Yes, Richard, great job. Nice to have you back.


Parlor Picker:
Many congratulations and thanks to Richard for all his efforts which will be appreciated by Weenies worldwide.

Well thank you good people, what it is to be missed!

If anybody wants the aforesaid shows here's the link 


David Kaatz:
Hello Richard, and all:
I want to commend you for, and recommend others check out your recent show that showcased Western Swing. I really enjoyed it, probably more so than the blues you usually play. This because I'm more familiar with much of the country blues stuff, and I really enjoy being exposed to the more unfamiliar tunes and artists.  Although I recognized many of the better known names, I still had not heard those tunes, and there were many names and bands I had not heard of.
More of this, please!

The show:



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