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"Nostalgia For The Light"


Hi all,
We watched a remarkable documentary two nights ago by the Chilean filmmaker Patricio Guzman called "Nostalgia For The Light".  It is currently available to be watched at the Criterion Channel, which shows streamed films.  If you scroll right among the featured films at the top of the page, it is about the fifth or sixth film you'll come to.  You can view it for free as part of a 15-day introductory offer, so it doesn't require subscribing to the channel (though I've chosen to do that).

The film starts off talking about the filmmaker's childhood, then moves to the Atacama Desert, the driest place on earth, which has turned out to be the best site for astronomers wishing to observe and study the heavens.  It then begins making left turns, moving into complete different areas of Chilean life and history.  I don't want to say anything more about where it ends up, but it is one of the strongest documentaries I've ever seen--one of a kind, and I recommend it very highly. 
All best,

There's some terrific and interesting movies on Criterion's playlist.  We're in a broadband desert here which sometimes makes streaming difficult, but the trial should be worth a try.

This one is definitely worth taking some troubles to see, Eric.  I neglected to say in the first post that it is strikingly beautiful filming and would be worth watching with the sound off, if one were so inclined--though you'd miss a lot.  It covers a lot of information that was not readily available in the States.  I hope that you and Deb do see it.
All best,

Prof Scratchy:
Watched this tonight. Stunning photography, harrowing history, hope and continuity. Thanks for the recommendation.

I'm glad you enjoyed that, Prof.  I like your re-cap.  It really is a remarkable film, isn't it?  You end up in such a different place than it seemed you might when it began.  I think Patricio Guzman had a really remarkable vision.


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