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This was posted on a vintage Martin site on FB they are interested in her D-18, Im interested in knowing who she was. I believe sh'e a light skinned African American Woman and that the picture dates from the 30's. Vonnie could be a contraction of Yvonne or some other name. Anybody have any ideas? We know for certain that its not Robert Johnson in Drag  ;)
BTW I've put it through Google image search..nothing. I'm not assuming she has anything to do with Blues, but on the off chance......

Well, Mystery partially solved. She was a Bluegrass player (D-18) from Oklahoma. The person providing this information met her but doesn't remember her last name. He wanted to buy her guitar.


I'm not saying that what I found answers your question ... it looks like the Vonny mentioned in the two links mostly lived and performed in Maryland, and the women in the two photos may/may not be the same, may/may not have been African American. The obituary does describe her as a guitar player. I looked at the two "Vs" in the signatures in the two photos and they look similar, but 70-80 years ago cursive writing was a lot more standardized, cf. the signatures on the Blind Blake and Blind Boy Fuller photos we're all familiar with. Lots of possible-maybe-kinda-could-be's here.

Long time lurker, so thought I would give my $0.02 worth, I grew up back east and started working on the family farm at an age when I was in the single digits. First thing at 4:30am the radio came on in the barn with the farm market report brought to us by Happy Johnny he always had a lot of farm humor and information, and early on I remember he played and sang some of that hillbilly music with a lady and this may have been her. Sorry proceed, it just  brought back old memories ( while milking cows ) that I thought I would share and now Im in my late 60's spent the last 50+ years high in the rockies. Different world ( of coarse)


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