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Two Trains Running - Film


You guys know about this film yet? Freedom Summer 1964 the two Trains are Civil Rights workers and Blues researchers

Thanks for sharing. That looks great. Here's some more info on the film as well as where it'll be showing. Presumably at some point it'll be available to watch online for those who don't live in the select cities.

Hi all,
I just re-remembered that I was hoping this documentary would show up for online streaming and it looks like it's now available on Hulu and I believe it can be rented to watch on Amazon as well.


I started watching this this weekend and I highly recommend it. There are some wonderful insights into the journeys taken into the south to seek out Skip James, Son House and others including wonderful stories about the role Robert Wilkins played.

I saw this over a year ago at a film festival and am hoping to rewatch online. I thought the pairing of the two stories was more successful in some places than others, but loved the old footage and interviews. Well worth it.                 


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