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Tune in to Weenie Juke Radio!


Two clicks are all you need to start listening to the Juke. To get started, click the Weenie Juke Radio link on the Quick Menu to your left. This launches the local juke main Now Playing page. You can tune-in from there, see schedules, place requests and view recent additions.

At the very top left of the local page click the ?Tune In? button. The juke's LoudCity* page will open in a new browser tab and the juke will start playing automatically. If you prefer to use your own player rather than LoudCity's automated player click one of the player icons on the LoudCity page. Clicking on them will launch your player and download the current playlist.

Please let us know if you have any problems and we will be happy to help you get it going.

*LoudCity is our audio host and as part of our licensing agreement, requires that you 'Tune In' via the LoudCity website.


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