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The voice of the Weenie Juke returns

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Richard is tickling the airwaves again:

Norfolk Slim:
Lovely stuff.  Will keep me company on the way to and from work.

I was thinking just the other day that it would be fun to do a podcast / show of blues ish music- but the copyright issues make it unfeasible.  Unless, with Richard's dastardly cunning, you stick firmly to the scratchy old stuff!

Edited:  to add that I appear to have misinderstood Mixcloud.  Which has licensing and therefore doesn't have any copyright restrictions.  Perhaps its time for me to make a radio show too!

Thanks for the heads up, Phil!

Brings back wonderful memories when I first found this site and listened to the Weenie Juke virtually round the clock! :D



Here’s another

Thanks for the plugs men, you might say I have been sort of focused elsewhere (not prison!) for some time, but nevertheless have been lurking all the while and had certainly not deserted the site.

Anyway, I have to say the lure of the microphone and the fun of making of some silly links to join up some nice musac finally got the better of me and galvsnised me into slow action, so unfortunately it looks as though I am back  :-X

Mendip Slim is correct in that Mixcloud do sort out the copywright issues, the downside is that I found it a bumpy voyage of discovery when it came to posting and am still not happy with it, amazingly there is no blues category as posts have to go under the jazz heading - I did ask but got nowhere, seems they are more interested in increasing the subscriptions.  By updating some of my shows that were on the greatly lamented Juke I am aiming to get a dozen shows up and then add to that.

Nice to be back.


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