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Curious if anyone here gets into Cajun music and the recordings from the 20s/30s.


I do for sure. Been fiddling some Hackberry Ramblers tunes lately and I'm a big fan of McGee/Courville 78s.

Suzy T:
Deeply into this stuff.  In fact, I am working on an annotated complete prewar discography of Cajun and Creole music, and have gotten through 1928 and 1929.  It's more than a standard discography, I'm also trying to connect the dots between the different melodic strains -- the Cajuns often renamed their tunes so it can be hard to find early versions of later songs.  And, I'm listening to everything as I work on this -- so much fun!!  And, even though I've been into this music for over 40 years, I'm still discovering new things about it.
I don't collect the actual 78s, but I am supremely thankful for those collectors who do and especially those who have shared the music.  Still one that's never been found - Montet and Dupuis, L'Eau Haute (High Water Waltz) and Nina One-Step.

Good on your for taking on that project, Suzy!  The amount of learning that comes from such an undertaking is its own reward.
All best,

Ann Savoy's book Cajun Music A Reflection of a People has much discographical information and Tony Russell's pre war country discography includes commercially issued cajun music.


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