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Author Topic: looking for information on Crossnote tuning and its connection with the Bahamas  (Read 514 times)

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Hello everyone

I have been writing a blog about Skip James, and It got me thinking about the origins of the mysterious Crossnote tuning he used. It was said that Henry Stuckey got this tuning from African-Bahamian soldiers in the French Army during World War One, and I am looking for a possible piece of audio or film that shows someone from the Bahamas using the same crossnote tuning Skip James used. I find it odd that nothing has really been recorded, or nothing is out there that is from the Caribbean or possibly even Europe where a guitar player is using this tuning. If anyone knows of anything or finds anything, please let me know, as I'd be curious to hear it.

Offline alyoung

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It's not really the information you're seeking, but Bahaman guitar maestro Joseph Spence played mainly -- and always for his show pieces -- out of a tuning in which the bass E was dropped to D. There are quite a few recordings of him.


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