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Author Topic: Preacher's Blues-Hi Henry Brown  (Read 1683 times)

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Preacher's Blues-Hi Henry Brown
« on: August 31, 2006, 11:31:52 AM »
Ladies and Gentlemen:

In anticipation of being able to play some tunes from 1932 next year (the 75th anniversery of 1932), and because I like the tune, I've decide to have a go at "Preacher's Blues" by Hi Henry Brown, with Charley Jordan on second guitar.

I figure that the tune is played in Standard Tuning, Key of E, sounding in G (capo III). All the fingerings etc. I mention below are w/o capo.

The structure is simple:

/ I / I / I / I /   
/ IV / IV / I / I /
/ V/ IV / I / I /

The guitar part sounds to me as a cross between "Cairo Blues" (Henry Spaulding) and "Hunkie Tunkie Blues"  (Charley Jordan). The first four bars of the I chord (E) (and the song's intro) has that Cairo-esque slide xxx(2)x2 to xxx(4)x4, sometimes held on the 4 fret position, sometime reverting to the open E chord (xxxx00) for the end of the bar.

The V chord (B) is played in the standard B7 position (x21202) then walked up two frets, in the 9th bar (x3xx03, x4xx04).

In the 11-12th bars the "Hunkie Tunkie" Lick is played open B-2nd B-3rd B-open E-open B-0 to 1 (hammer) G-open B-open E-open B-2nd B-open E.

I thinks the bass is half time throughout (beats 1 and 3 of each bar), alternating in the E sections, monotonic in the A sections and monotonic (?) in the B sections.

I am having a devil of a time figuring out the melody notes in the IV (A) sections of the tune (bars 5-6 and 10). In bars 5-6 he plays (I think), open E-2nd E-3 to 2 (pulloff)  E, then 4th E-open E-3 to 2 (pulloff) E.

In Bar 10 I think its 4th E-2nd E-2nd E-open E-open E-2nd E-open E.

I'll keep working on this and post any improvements, eventually doing out the TAB, but I would really appreciate any help on this tune from any of you Weenies. The second guitar makes it tough to hear what is going on sometimes, but I feel this could be preformed solo. I am especially confused by the trilled-like pulloffs in bars 5 and 6.

Any corrections GRATEFULLY appreciated

I'll post my go at the lyrics in the Lyrics dept.

.Mp3 attached (I had to snip out the last 5 sec. of the outro to make it fit).

Thanks in advance for your help,
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