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Prof Scratchy:
Fantastic job. It makes such a difference having the performance videos right there on the page. Many thanks for this mammoth task!

Thanks for the good words, Prof!  I had been pecking away at it for the past year or two, but in the past couple of months realized that devoting more time to it and just blitzing it for a while could actually get the job done.  I really enjoyed returning to some of these threads and re-visiting the collaboration and good humor that went into the transcription work.
all best,

John, this is so valuable, so thanks for all your effort bringing this up to date. It has prompted me to go back and review many posts, and I look forward to doing a lot more of that, especially for musicians that I wasn't familiar with. What a terrific resource! Many thanks John and those who perpetuate the practice going forward.

Thanks very much John! Your hard work is very-much appreciated

Thanks, Jean and Thomas, I appreciate it.
All best,


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