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Hi all.

Since the closure of all live music venues many musicians have reverted to do online concerts on social media and internet, I just saw a nice home concert from Mary Flower.

I was wondering if our own John Miller could be persuaded to do one, and if it could maybe somehow be done or shared here at the Weenie Campbell site?

Anyway, I would be very happy to see and share a concert from John, so I'll just toss the idea for consideration for the forum and John. Let me know, what you think, and of course if John himself would be interested to doing such a thing.



I would be interested in watching if John is interested.  Either way, If you are interested, I strongly recommend taking a lesson or two with John. I feel like I get a mini concert each lesson.  That's on top of the great teaching.

Prof Scratchy:
A good idea!

Count me in!

Thanks for the idea of me doing a concert, Pan, and to those of you who support it.  I'm certainly open to the idea, but don't have any sense of how to go about doing such a thing in the current situation.  If I might make a suggestion, rather than discussing or planning it on a public board it might be preferable for someone with the tech/filming/teleconferencing know-how to communicate to me via personal messages how such an event might be put together.  It seems like this should be possible.  And I hope you're all staying careful, safe and healthy.
All best,


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