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Hats off to all you good folks that are responsible for keeping the juke oiled and singin'!!

If any of you weenie listeners have the Jukes main page automatically reload every few minutes, would you share how you have your page configured?


WOW!!! Just checked....9 listeners representing 5 countries.

I've been meaning to post about the same issue.

Earlier the Weenie Juke page used to reload for each song, but now it doesn't seem to do so anymore. You can, of course, reload it manually, but this takes a while (patience isn't a virtue of the internet age  :-X ).
You can, of course, look at the song listings on the Loud City page, but I much preferred the old weenie page, with more information and links to Amazon.



The juke auto refresh feature was a victim of 'weenie sequestration' (weeniestration?) back in November 2012, when we were trying to figure out where all the monthly bandwidth was going. Since it turned out not to be the issue, it might be time to discuss turning it back on again. I recall that at the time we thought nobody would notice. It only took 8 months, you guys are sharp!  :P

Pan, the link to Amazon is still there, no change from the previous version. Click on the 'buy' button and it will take you to the amazon page. Sometimes it gets it wrong due to contextual ambiguity in search terms. It is what it is, at this point, and will get better over time as the external servers figure out that if you're coming from weenie you're probably more interested in the black Bill Gaither, rather than the modern gospel white guy with the preternaturally white teeth and a big church.

Ha!, good remembering Rivers - i completely forgot we turned off the auto refresh , lets turn it back on.

Thank you for your great work, gentlemen! 




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