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Dear Weenies, Weenettes and Other Dignitaries!

It is that hat passing time of year again!  Which, come to think of it, is one of the great things about WC - you only have to listen to me beg once a year.  :P

The overhead is low and I do recoup a few costs through Amazon and an occasional banner, but it is not enough to cover annual costs.  So I ask you once again to chip in a few bucks.... it does not take many feelings of guilt to cover the year.   :D

The same incentive plan as last year is still in effect, which I'll copy below.


Greetings Weenies and other Dignitaries,

Country Blues still doesn't pay, so it is time to make a little fund rasing effort.  I realize these are not the best of economic times, but some help is needed to offset the costs of operating the site.  

We do have new incentives and re-organized some old incentives.  Phil Hawkins has generously didgintized another 2-CD set from his 78 collection, this time of Rare and Unusual Post War Blues.  I will attach Phil's track listing and notes to this post.  We also have a 'new' Weenie Juke case sticker some of you may have missed.  The new incentive plan from the Donation Page: (the Weenie Fly Swatters are no more..)

Make any donation and I will send you a couple of coveted, hip and cool Weenie Juke Radio Stickers. Make a donation of $20 - $39 and you have a choice between two great 2-CD sets: pick either Rare and Unusual Pre War Country Blues OR Rare and Unusual Post War country blues. CD sets were generously donated by Phil Hawkins and digitized from his 78 record collection. A donation of $40 or more will bring you both sets, 4 CDs, 98 tracks in all!

Thank you all for your support and continued participation in WeenieCampbell!

My apologies to a number of you who have sent in donations.  I just discovered that Paypal has not been sending me email notifications of the donations, which I depend on in order to reply to you in a timely manner! (damn computers!)  So, apologies - I'll get caught up on my thank-you's and weenie paraphernalia mailings in the next few days!


I just donated via Paypal, I hope you receive the notification in timely fashion.
Should it fail to arrive, I have the receipt number etc. and will send this information on request.
This is a great forum, it challenges both the mind and the pickin' fingers. Becoming a "kind of active" member has been very rewarding for me.

Is there any way to send a check or money order for those who don't trust online transactions?

You bet, my name and address is on the support page.

Thank you!


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