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"Mississippi Fingerstyle Blues Guitar" & ""The Guitar of Blind Lemon Jefferson"

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All clear now! Thank you so much! I have a feeling Iíll be using this book for years.


Blues Vintage:
Excellent releases, John. Great selection of songs. Makes me wanna play the guitar more.

Thanks, Harry, I'm glad to hear it.

What a wonderful work of scholarship and knowledge and love for a much-deserved subject. I can't make much sense of the TAB yet ha ha and I'm (fairly) happy with how I play the Lemon songs I mess around with but this is a great document to have for when I want to dig in and really learn what Lemon was doing. Your introduction to and explanation of Lemon's music and your breaking down of his keys and positions and themes is fascinating stuff and the main reason I bought the pdf. I suspect I will be referencing this book for the rest of my days. For those of us who have listened to Lemon deeply and with unending admiration, thank you, John, for taking a deep dive into his music and publishing it.


Thanks very kindly for the good words, Mike. I couldn't abide the thought of doing a book on Lemon and his music without making an effort, apart from the transcriptions themselves, to get at what was so special about Lemon's music.
All best,


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