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I played all through Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and around in Kentucky and places, but I never played in Texas, but I played all over the cotton belt countries - Howlin' Wolf, interview with Pete Welding, Chicago, ca. 1967, I Sing For The People: An Interview with Howlin' Wolf, Down Beat, 14 Dec 1967

Author Topic: Skip James - Cleaner Versions of Illinois Blues and What Am I To Do Blues?  (Read 4012 times)

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Offline JohnLeePimp

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To make it worse, as of 1955, Steiner owned the metal master of Willie Brown's Grandma Blues, but it was described as 'buckled'. Now it seems to be missing. >:(

Off topic, yet interesting...

Maybe it's not all that interesting to yous ... still, the dude who played it said he has it on an old cassette somewhere and I encouraged him to digitise it since y'know, it's willie brown blue I shade a part of this town.

Offline Gumbo

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I was hoping someone more knowledgable would comment, since i thought that there were only two sides of Willie Brown found so far. I get the impression from the interview with the author of the new Son House book, Daniel Beaumont, that those two sides were based on Patton songs so it could be 'easy' enough to make up a song with that title and make it sound like Willie Brown (if you had the chops). I would have thought news would be prettty hard to contain if it was genuine!

So yes I'm intrigued .... what do you all think?
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