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Hi all,
I know we can get a little guitar-centric around here some times, and I thought it might be fun to list some of our favorite singers in the style.  So as not to be hoggish I will limit myself to five for now.  These are just those who occur to me at this moment.
1. Blind Lemon Jefferson
2. Sleepy John Estes
3. Lil' Son Jackson
4. Leroy Carr
5. Blind Boy Fuller
All best,

Hi John:

OK I'll wade in with my favorites CB singers

1. Funny Papa Smith
2. Leroy Carr
3. Big Bill Broonzy
4. Son House
5. Buddy Boy Hawkins (terrible quality recordings)/Oscar Woods

Funny Papa Smith had a great deep voice with great expression. He never sang that loudly but could really caress the microphone.

Son House had the best hard blues voice the world will ever see.

BB Hawkins had an "impish" voice, almost turned everything into a joke.

If you get you one woman, better get you 5 or 6,

Two I would add are King Solomon Hill and Clifford Gibson. Both have very distinctive, and very different, qualities.
All for now.
John C.

1. blind willie johnson ( Little is known about blind willie except he came from somewhere in texas was blind since a young age when an angry parent, coincedentially at another parent threw lye in the young child's eyes and he recorded about 2 cd's worth of sides for paramount in the late 20's. His slide guitar is amazing in the quivering vibrato. He is noramally in the gruff shouting style which he does real good. First of these shouters I ever heard. Praise god I'm satisfied is a wonderfull song. But also has an amazing velvet like tenor voice which he occasionally slipped into. Very versitile.)
2. son house( one of the most intnese blues preformers ever, torn between his love for blues and secular songs. If you ever get a chance to see him on film do it right then and there! By far one of the best shouters of all time.)
3. mississippi john hurt( one of the most beautiful voices on record. When he sings it's pretty comared to shotuers or growlers like a few others on my list. Mr. Boggs once said if he had it all over to do again he would play guitar and learn to sing like him.)
4. john lee hooker (one of the best crooners in blues ever in my opinion, would get into a grove and one minute be talking in an almost hypnotic manor, then to a growl that only he could pull off, then to singing and finally right back to his hypnotic talking)
5. dock boggs (although he played banjo he certianlly was from the country and dig sing many a blue tune. Everything he sang he made his own and in the early days he had such a range and did so much with his voice no one can touch what he did nowdays I don't think. Except for that one guy here Chris on the back porch he does a good job. Totally isolated, personal music and voice)

These are not in order cause I can't decide. If I had more room I'd add people like
doc watson, sonny terry, rev gary davis, dan picket, charley patton, leadbelly, elmore james, fred mcdowell, henry thomas (catfish blues and quills man),skip james, tampa red, roosevelt sykes, sam chatmon, Mr. Grayson from ?Grayson and Whitier (fiddler and vocalist) howlin wolf and Mr. Hopkins.

don't mean to bogart the thread with all the names but I believe in credit where credit is due and couldn't leave out any of my favorites! Good luck, look forward from hearing about yours

Welcome to WCB, th. Good picks. Thought of another I would add: Tommy Johnson.
All for now.
John C.


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