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Someone in my periodic Zoom open mike group just sent me this link. It triggered lots of thoughts, including the idea that 20-something Nat and 14-year-old Jay, who just introduced himself a few days ago, have both been captivated by Charley Patton. (If you go to the Spotify link that Jay shared and scroll down a bit, you'll see that his program a couple of weeks ago was totally dedicated to Patton.)

It attests to the power of Charley's music to captivate, and bodes well for continued passion for the country blues among new and young listeners down the road.


Thanks for posting this, Lindy. I saw it on the NewsHour last night, but hadn't gotten around to following up on it. The music is timeless and when the right people find it--or it finds them--the magic happens.

Thanks for posting, I enjoyed that.

In this week's AG newsletter:


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