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Mack McCormack Folkways Box Set coming in August

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Check it out.

Thanks for posting that, btasoundsradio! All of those unfamiliar names in the track list are pretty tantalizing, as are the familiar ones, of course.

Too cool bta, thanks for posting! Just amazing that we are still getting new releases of these old, new to us and forgotten musicians.

I've just recently been recalling the Folkways double albums that taught me about Sonny & Brownie, Lightnin' Hopkins, Leadbelly and others.  While two-fers ain't what they used to be, this looks like a reason to hook up the turntable.

Agree completely Jed.  I recently hooked up my turntable (bought long ago, so essentially new) to have a 'vinyl party' amongst my old fogey friends (a blast, all agreed worth repeating).  So I'm definitely in for the LPs.



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