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Status of Mack McCormicks research/collection/monster as he called it

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So has anyone heard about the status of his research and collection?  Has anyone even attempted to contact his daughter?  There is no telling if the reception will be warm or not.  That might be dependent on the terms and resources available to any proposed researcher/s.  Just hoping someone has an update.  Thanks.

Bunker Hill:
McCormick's daughter, Mary Lelia Badeaux McCormick, died from breast cancer age 70 on November 14, 2004. The next of kin, after Mac, was daughter Susannah Nix. From memory they were all Houston residents with large families.

Not much use I know, but good hunting.

Alan Balfour - Southampton UK

Blues Vintage:
?We haven?t really gotten that far?, ?We?ll be doing something with it, but we?re not ready to say what.?

I think that's the last thing she said (Observer, nov. 2015). Alan Govenar will publish a book (based on Mack's and Paul Oliver's research) next year.

Mary was his wife, not daughter. She pre-deceased Mack.

As far as I've heard, the writer Michael Hall is the executor of the estate.

Alan Govenar has been quoted as saying that the Oliver-McCormick "Texas Blues" will be published. No word on if "Biography of a Phantom" will be published.

Some good news on this front -- on The Real Blues Forum on Facebook, Mary Katherine Aldin posted this query back in June:

Quills question: at the time of his death, Mac McCormick owned the last set of quills ever made by Joe Patterson, made shortly before his death in the asylum. Does anyone know what happened to those quills? Has any of McCormick's estate been put up for sale? Since it's not a rare 78 or anything, it may be moldering in a box somewhere, but I thought I'd ask.

and Susannah Nix, Mack McCormick's daughter, posted this today:
Susannah Nix Sorry that I'm just now seeing this, but I wanted everyone to know that Joe Patterson's quills are safe and sound. They're in a climate-controlled storage space (that is not in Mexico), along with the rest of my father's papers, photos, tapes, memorabilia, etc. It took us most of a year to go through the entire house and make sure we'd found everything that needed to be saved. Most of the 78s and LPs were sold to collectors. The estate sale was only for the furniture, housewares, and other assorted items. We're currently in negotiations to find the best home(s) for the contents of the archive. As you may imagine, there are a lot of complicated decisions to be made, and I can't really get into specifics until the details have been ironed out.

Very glad to hear this --


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