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John Miller - Biding my time LP

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I was at an old friend's home today. His college aged son recently started collecting vinyl so the two of them have been going out and purchasing records. He knows I play guitar so he put this on today and said "I think you'd like this one". Sounded fantastic and when I saw the album cover I was stunned - is that John Miller?????

Go to to see the full sized images. Had a great time listening to John's album. Really miss the magic of vinyl!

Hi rra,
Welcome to Weenie Campbell! Yup, that was me, a good long while ago. I'm glad you enjoyed the album.
All best,

FYI, I found the release date, 1979, and the track list on Discogs:

They Can't Take That Away From Me ----- 3:26
Lady Be Good ----- 1:58
Liza ----- 2:48
Blah, Blah, Blah ----- 2:24
I Got Rhythm ----- 1:12
Our Love Is Here To Stay ----- 2:32
The Man I Love ----- 2:11
Biding My Time ----- 2:15
Fascinating Rhythm ----- 1:49
Nice Work If You Can Get It ----- 3:07
Of Thee I Sing ----- 2:18
Embraceable You ----- 3:03
Love Walked In  ----- 1:35

In the Discogs marketplace there are also 17 for sale from US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan and China, all reasonably priced (altho I don't know the exchange rate for Yen).



Old Man Ned:
This was the first album that I heard John's playing on. It was lent to me by Duck Baker who recommended it highly. It's a terrific album and completely blew me away. From time to time I sometimes think I'm getting pretty good on the guitar, then I go back to John's version of  I Got Rhythm and try to play it. It soon puts me in my place :-) Seriously, there is some amazing playing on this album.
All the Best,

I wish Rounder would reissue some of their older catalog.


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