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Hi all,
I watched an interesting documentary about the late Jazz drummer, Paul Motian, entitled "Motian In Motion", that was put up on youtube about a month ago. Paul Motian had an amazing career, and played with such greats as Thelonius Monk, Coleman Hawkins, Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Bill Frisell and Joe Lovano. The movie has a lot of interview footage with Motian and musicians who played with him and it's great to hear the respect and affection with which they speak of him. I'll see if I can embed it here.

All best,

Old Man Ned:
Thanks for posting John. I'd not heard of Paul Motian before but wow, has his career spanned playing with some great artists. He came across as really grounded, geniune, decent guy.

All the Best,

I've always admired his work with Bill Evans. Thanks!


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