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Most folks here are pretty serious about music, and I appreciate what they post on this topic. Just my two cents.

Yeah, imagine stumbling onto something that you really like, but then saying to yourself, "This isn't Country Blues, so I shouldn't listen to this, never mind enjoy it." And then turning it off. A descent into madness, IMHO.


Devils Son Inlaw:
This CD this morning, Buddy Boy and William Harris.

Currently still working on improvisation. Electric initially but it bleeds back naturally into acoustic, as one does one's scales.and modes.

Presently hooked onto an early Freddy King jag, in particular absorbing his immaculate phrasing which is pretty much how I would like to be remembered on an electric guitar. What a  great player and singer he was. Go for the early recordings initially.

All the best players do their homework, practice scales and study theory in general. Very few of the multitude reading this live in the MS Delta, c.1928. If we want to express ourselves as artists we eventually have to move ourselves outwards.

I figure it's not that you're suddenly going to forget how to fingerpick country blues if you suddenly nail a good electric blues lead with a plectrum, or any other genre kind of lead break. That concern is not a concern, fingerpicking country blues is like riding a bicycle, once you've got it you never lose it.

That's where I'm at right now. I apologize, I is what I is.


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