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Preserving Country Blues through Education, Performance and Technology
May 15, 2014, 03:19:12 PM by Johnm | Views: 80333 | Comments: 1974

Miller's Breakdown
What Is this Musician Doing? -An Ongoing Quiz.

PERUSE the indexes:

Hi all,

I have a sort of different idea for a new thread here.  I'm in the practice of pretty much always saying what tuning or position a musician played a tune out of, and while that information can be really helpful in figuring out how to play a piece on a recording, my always supplying it doesn't exactly help those of you who would like to build your own skills in doing that.  So, I thought it might be interesting to have a thread in which a performance is posted and then specific questions are asked to the Weenie community at large about how the song is being played.  I would have two requests for how to make participation in the process work better for everybody:

   * Please don't use transcription software of any type in figuring out what is being done.  Try to do it just using your own ears and listening.  If you'd like to do it with an instrument in your hands or handy nearby where you can...
January 11, 2014, 11:20:46 AM by Johnm | Views: 3805 | Comments: 4

Music FromThe South
A new DVD release from Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop.

WATCH the sampler:

Hi All,

This music performance video follows on the heels of the recently released "Legends of Country Blues Guitar" and it is equally impressive.  High points include 6 tunes from ace fiddler Clark Kessinger, backed by Gene Meade on guitar and an expert bluegrass banjo player. There are four songs and a talking segment with the great Kilby Snow, for which he is joined by his son, Jim, and buddy, Mike Hudak.  This footage is from the Newport Folk Festival, and it is great to see Howling Wolf and Booker White taking in Kilby's music, as they do that of his interlocutor Jimmie Driftwood, who plays the picking bow.  There are also two songs from Lily Mae Ledford and the Coon Creek Girls (just two of them), tunes from Canray Fontenot and Alphonso "Bois Sec" Ardoin, and incredible footage of Ed & Lonnie Young and the Fife and Drum Band.  Also featured are Jesse Mae Hemphill and a number of different people playing the diddly bow, attached to the wall of a house.  I don't think of this footage as having been filmed all that long ago, but seeing it makes me realize what a different world we live in now, if only by virtue of...
October 04, 2012, 01:18:36 PM by Baron 1888 | Views: 4773 | Comments: 10

The Return Of The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
Yazoo Records To Release Follow Up To Critically-Acclaimed Collection Of Early Country And Blues Recordings.

Available October 16.

LISTEN to 8 tracks

46-Track Collection Culled From The 1920s Contains Rare Tracks From Charley Patton, Bukka White, Ishman Bracey, Dave Macon, Eck Robertson and Charlie Poole

54-Page Booklet Chronicles The History of Collecting Old 78 Records From The 1920s Through The 1960s

New York, NY: On October 16, 2012, Yazoo Records (a division of Shanachie Entertainment), will release the ultimate collection of early country and blues recordings, with the illustrious 2-CD set, The Return Of The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of.

This Dead Sea Scroll of record collecting will delight both the connoisseur and neophyte who are sure to relish this goldmine of rare and lost treasures presented in one remarkable undertaking. The highly anticipated, rare and impeccably packaged collection is a follow up to Yazoo’s lauded 2006 recording, The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of, which was likened to the ‘holy grail’ for record collectors by ev...
February 16, 2012, 11:37:42 AM by lindy | Views: 5924 | Comments: 24

2012 Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival

If you look at the right side of the Weenie home page, you’ll see a box showing how many days are left until the next Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Workshop and Festival, taking place this year from July 29 to August 5.
And if you click on the “About Weenie” link on the left side of this page, you’ll find out that Weenie Campbell was born—fully formed and already in a late stage of life—to a group of midwives attending the 1997 workshop.

The core Weenies who created this wonderful forum spend a lot of time thinking and talking about PTABW, and in our rarely humble opinions, we think that the 2012 faculty lineup is one of the best ever.

Click here and see why. The list includes Robert Belfour and his fellow Mississippian Terry Bean, teaching Hill Country and Delta styles. And Ari Eisinger—the man for learning the music of the "four Blinds": Blake, Davis, Fuller, and Lemon Jefferson. Three great slide teachers: Steve James, Orville Johnson, and Rev. Robert Jones. Reverend Jones has a way of channeling the musicians whose songs he teaches—wait ‘til you hear him sing like Son House. Then there’s our own John Miller, in demand as a teacher on two continents. Every summer he pulls a country blues obscurity or two o...
uncle bud
January 24, 2012, 09:02:47 AM by uncle bud
Views: 4197 | Comments: 15

Gone to the Country
The New Lost City Ramblers and the Folk Music Revival

I just finished reading Gone to the Country: The New Lost City Ramblers & the Folk Music Revival by Ray Allen (University of Illinois Press). A thoroughly enjoyable read that for me was a fascinating look at the Ramblers and their music from the late '50s through to the 1970s and a little beyond. Since I was not following their musical careers at the time, much of the information in the book was new to me, and the coverage of the growth of the traditional and old-time music scene covered in the book, from the early New York days to the later West Coast scene, filled in a lot of historical background that I was only vaguely aware of. Along the way the book also covers the growth of the Newport Folk Festival as well as the Friends of Old-Time Music concerts, TV shows like Rainbow Quest and Hootenanny, and the pop side of the folk revival in the music of the Kingston Trio and the like - the enemy as far as NLCR were concerned.

The book includes quite a bit of discussion not only of the history but the Ramblers' particular approach to traditional and old-time music, as well as the question of whether they should even be playing it, despite the fact that they were at the centre of rebuilding its popularity during this period. Not just a philosophical question either, for it meant th...
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the Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Workshop & Festival (July 27 - August 3 2014) done been here and gone

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