You So Dumb

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You So Dumb-Roosevelt Sykes
Piano in F

Ha, ha ha, awwww, sho! You know one thing I hate: I think we be all right but my boy friend's so dumb. He can't catch a hen for nothin'. Everything I got to just come out and tell 'im, or call 'im off to hisself. Somebody can be talkin' about 'im but he won't, he can't catch it. Not less'n they call his name. One thing about it, I'm a sheik in this town. I know how to make the girl chillens--all you got to do is fool 'em, tell 'em you gonna marry 'em. They fall for that stuff, do it every time. You don't b'lieve it, just try my prank. Willie Kelly ain't never known to tell a lie. Here's what the girls like. It's got so around here I just can't be myself. But I ain't rough, though. All the old people don't like me so much, on account I be 'round their little girls, they call 'em right in, too. You can tell when I'm around, they gonna call them little girls in. Ah, push on it! Let's have one more time. She don't send her girls in on account of my boy friend, I thought they was gonna laugh at him, they can play with 'im all day long because they know he's dumb. He just as soon as eat a gang of salt for sugar. Uh, he don't seems to know no better! Now let's mess around some. Oh, my boy friend's so dumb! Well, I'll tell you, take my egvice, and good-bye.

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