You Shouldn't Do That

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You Shouldn't Do That - Sleepy John Estes
Self-accompanied on guitar and kazoo, with Son Bonds, second guitar and Raymond Thomas, imitation bass

Don't a man do wrong, tell the man make hisself at home? (2)
He may come back, catch his head while you later on

Man go out and gamble and lose all his change (2)
He come back home and the wife have to bear the blame

Don't a man act funny when a strange woman ease in town? (2)
He stay out all night, he throw his homegirl down

I noticed you never loved me when you fell down on my knee
I noticed you didn't love me when you fell down on my knee
Ya had been drinkin' that old moonshine and tryin' to jive poor me

I won't play marble on my baby's marble ground (2)
I don't be worried with the teef, I'm gon' move out the edge of town

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