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Wiskeyhead Blues - Funny Papa Smith
Crossnote tuning, Key of E

Instrumental introduction

I was woke up this mornin' by taste of gasoline. (x2)
But when I woke up I found out wasn't nothin' but my whiskey dream.

I drink so much whiskey, it's a wonder that I ain't dead (x2)
All around in my neibourhood the people call me a whiskeyhead.

I'm drunk Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I'm drunk (Thursday) Friday and Saturday too. (x2)
And on Sunday I'm at church, but that ain't what I want to do.

You know how I am, you been known me a great long time. (x2)
You know I like my good lookin' women and I gotta have my moonshine.

I wished I had a drink this mornin', I ain't nothin' but a drunken slave. (x2)
Come on boys go bury me, 'cus I'm goin' dig my grave.

Now the fool that started me ta drinkin', I hope (that) he's dead and gone. (x2)
I hope to leave him in Whiskey Alley where ain't nothin down there but bottles and bones.

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