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Whatcha Doin' - Sleepy John Estes
Self-accompanied, with Jab Jones, piano and Yank Rachell, mandolin

I married my baby, married her for myself
Then if I don't keep her, don't want nobody else
CHORUS: Got to give in kind, just what, what you do

Now, depot agent, don't tell me no lie
Did my baby stop here, did she keep on by?

Now I hate to hear Illinois Central blow
When my feet get tickled makes me want to go

When a man does workin', you know he's doin' what's right
Some old low-down rouster, tryin' to steal his wife

Now, I got up this morning, couldn't make no time
I didn't have no blues, messed all up in mind

Now take me, baby, won't be mean no more
You can get all my lovin' let that blacksnake go

Now, see her in the morning, rag tied 'round her head
Ask her to cook your breakfast, swear she near 'most dead

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