What Am I To Do

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What Am I To Do - Teddy Darby
E position, standard tuning, Roosevelt Sykes, piano, Baby Jay, cornet, Ike Rodgers, trombone</b>

Babe, tell me what have I done?
Baby, baby, tell me what have I done?
Every time you see me comin, tell me, why should you run?

SPOKEN, DURING SOLO: Ho! Blow that cornet, Jim!
Mr. Ike can sure play it good!
Play 'em 'til I get back to St. Louis and get some of my wife mama's liquor
I'm gon' blow 'em

SUNG: Tell me, woman, what have I done wrong?
And my best friend has told me to go along

SPOKEN: Lord, they sure sound good to me!

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