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This article provides a high level description and visual overview of how Weeniepedia is set up. It will evolve as Weeniepedia evolves. Nothing is set in stone, the architecture will be driven by weenies' ideas and requirements. If you're familiar with IT-centric diagrams this article will make more sense to you. If not, please take a look through anyway and you'll probably get some idea of how it's laid out and the capabilities of the wiki software. If your head starts spinning or you want to do a certain task please jump see the Weeniepedia User Guide which is a more practical guide to how to do things within Weeniepedia.


The diagram below illustrates how Weeniepedia is laid out. As this evolves over time the chart will be kept up to date. Key points:

  • There are two types of pages, 'articles' and 'categories'
  • Articles are 'stand-alone' pages that do not receive an automic index at the bottom, for example a lyric page
  • Category pages are capable of showing an automatic index of sub-categories and articles, for example the main Lyric category
  • To get the wiki software to create an automatic index entry on a category page from within an article or sub-category page you add a category tag at the bottom of your article or category


This diagram illustrates, using Lead Belly as an example artist, the current layout. Note the category tags placed on each lower level article and sub-category create an index entry on the category above it. It also gives an indication of how the wiki is currently set up to best fit the country blues subject matter:


(more to come)