Ugly Papa

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Ugly Papa - Charley Lincoln
Spanish Tuning

Once I was crazy 'bout a girl, heard the only talk about Jane
One day I met her father in the street, here's what he said to me, said
"I like you, big boy, just all right, but if I catch you with my daughter it's gon' be too tight."
REFRAIN: 'Twon't be long, I mean, 'twon't be long

Next day passed by, I've got the news, her mother 'n' father both was gone
My chance was so slim to see her, over there, I was goin'
We was sittin' in the room talkin' what we's gon' do, heard somebody push that middle door to

It was her mother and father, sister and brother, too, all have made a bogus move on you

Old man he jumped, he grabbed a gun, son-of-a-gun said, "Don't you run!"

Old lady jumped in the hall, said, "Don't get rough, 'cause I'm the best in town on struttin' my stuff."

Girl looked at me, begin to smile, I looked at the window and I shed both lights

I coulda have stayed, made a little bluff, the men enjoy to dine out, thanks enough

I love that girl 'cause she's so neat, I'm just wild about my pigmeat

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