Ugly Papa

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Ugly Papa - Charley Lincoln
Spanish Tuning

Once I was crazy 'bout a girl, heard the only talk about Jane
One day I met her father in the street, here's what he said to me, said
"I like you, big boy, just all right, but if I catch you with my daughter it's gon' be too tight."
REFRAIN: 'Twon't be long, I mean, 'twon't be long

Next day passed by, I've got the news, her mother 'n' father both was gone My chance was so slim to see her, over there, I was goin' We was sittin' in the room talkin' what we's gon' do, heard somebody push that middle door to REFRAIN:

It was her mother and father, sister and brother, too, all have made a bogus move on you REFRAIN:

Old man he jumped, he grabbed a gun, son-of-a-gun said, "Don't you run!" REFRAIN:

Old lady jumped in the hall, said, "Don't get rough, 'cause I'm the best in town on struttin' my stuff." REFRAIN:

Girl looked at me, begin to smile, I looked at the window and I shed both lights REFRAIN:

I coulda have stayed, made a little bluff, the men enjoy to dine out, thanks enough REFRAIN:

I love that girl 'cause she's so neat, I'm just wild about my pigmeat REFRAIN:

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