Train Your Child

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Train Your Child--Washington Phillips
Spoken, with Phonoharp and Celestaphone solo

The subject of this lecture, that God to Solomon says,
"Train the child in the way that you should go, and when he gets old,
he will not depart from you."

Lots of people in the World
Of course, you can not blame them
God have given them children
And they don't know what to train them

When you'n educate an untrained child
That's brought up full of sin
It just only got sense enough
That before you know it, they'n go to the pen

Let us train our children
And try to keep down so much sin
'Cause it'll be too late to cry
When you see them going to the pen

Lots of these little womanish girls
That thinks themselves to be grand
They will stand on the corners at night
Making dates with a married man

Those little mannish boys
With the hat sitting on one strand of hair
Will go marry some woman's nice little girl
And ain't got nowhere to carry her

Education is all right
I will tell you before you start:
Before you educate the head,
Try to educate the heart


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